Gruviera Armonico


Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Mozart,Beethoven, and Paganini all wrote music for the mandolin, and it was a wildly popular instrument in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.  When you hear the wonderful sounds of Gruviera Armonico, you’ll understand why.  The classical guitar is the perfect compliment, adding depth and richness to the mandolin’s unique voice.

Founded in 2004, Gruviera Armonico has performed throughout Ohio, including appearances for the Dayton Mandolin Orchestra,  Otterbein College’s Annual String Showcase and the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.  Programs embrace the vast scope of music written for classical mandolin and guitar and often include performance on rare historical instruments.  As a leading scholar of the mandolin, Mr. Braig brings insightful and interesting commentary to the stage as well.

Both Mr. Braig and Mr. Wohlwend perform on mandolins and guitars, including replica and restored historical instruments spanning 5 centuries.  Programs can include solo music for mandolin or guitar, duo mandolin, and of course, mandolin and guitar duets.  Some featured instruments include a 16th-century vihuela, 18th century mandolino and 5-course guitar, and 19th century mandolins and guitar, a one-of-a-kind rare Martin bowlback mandolin, in addition to modern instruments.


Eugene Braig


Karl Wohlwend

Classical Mandolins



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